Monday, April 21, 2008

that hair

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today steph posted a great story of her 3 year old and his totally awesome hair! i mean it his kid just has it. the hair gods smiled down on him. my little 3 yr old must have been equally blessed. i cut it a few times last year and he looked cute, but he just isn't quite kellen without his mass of crazy curls. i never really realized how much we ALL touch his head throughout the day til my husband commented on it this weekend. "poor kid we always have our hands in his hair!" and he is SO right, we do. if he is arms reach i am running my fingers through the top of it. it is WILD, thick and curly! when he wakes he looks like he was attacked by a gang of crazy angry birds who were desperately trying to nest in the back of it. now that winter is a bad memory we are out as much as humanly possible in the salt air, it takes on a life all its own! who knows what his hair will look like when he is grown and if he will shave it short for the curls are not cool to him. i hope not because as it seems, the ladies can't keep their hands out of it!


Anonymous said...

I loooove your son's curls. Of course his eye's are amazing too. I have no doubt you will have girls calling your home at all hours later in his life.

Eve said...

I don't know how you even keep your hands out of his hair long enough to take a photo! What a cherub.

And I don't think you should call yourself a "wannabe photographer". You ARE a great photographer - your pictures are just lovely. I'd love to be able to capture the shots that you do!