Tuesday, April 01, 2008

year in review

my baby is 2 today. i gave birth for the last time 2 years ago. :( casey is a whirlwind, wildflower, strong willed , adventure seeking, dancing machine. she came into this world all fight and her spirit burns bright. this year you have learned to walk on 2 feet and have kept me running on mine! your words come more and more each day. (though some days you revert to sounding alot like Borat, "this and this and this?") you may just be part iguana, for you eat (all fruit) and poop like one! you sing songs. you eat like a beastie. you LOVE hats. you still eat crayons, though you have given up eating sand (phew!). you adore your stuffed puppy(s) and your brother, "KEWEN!!!" and your big "SISSEEEEEE!!!!!!" you still hook your feet when you are tired. you love the curious buddies, a punk, dan zanes. you decided a full set of teeth was "SO LAST YEAR" and instead fell face first on father's day, broke your front tooth in half and then later had the rest pulled by the dentist. now your smile better matches your personality, still beautiful but oh so silly. you are a tough chick! no wall flower. happy 2 my tiny firecracker. love momma

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