Saturday, May 10, 2008

for my momma

i found this pic of us newly home from the hospital. she looks so young. she is so young! i am her only. she jokes "it's the worst job i ever did" i think she doesn't give herself credit. many days it was just she and i against the world. and others it was just she against i. but we always make it back to each other. she is fiercely independent and strong and smart, street smart. change her oil, no prob. build a hay barn, you betcha! hang cabinets, duh. stubborn? ummmmmmm.... we may not look much alike, but she is imprinted in me. she is there for me when i need it most, when i struggle as a mom. imperfectly in love. i think ya did a pretty good job mom (of course i may be biased)
happy mother's day mom.
i love and admire you.

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