Sunday, May 11, 2008

lucky lucky girl

happy momma day 08
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momma day 08'. not quite without a hitch. day started at 6 since my 2 littlest offspring scoff at the idea of sleeping any later than that, and mommy looks really funny with big bags under her eyes. served coffee and danish as the 2 early birds piled in bed with me, complete in their pirate garb, their costumes of the moment. sweet cards, purple flowers picked by kellen, and gifts from my hubby (he even bought me a blouse for the very first time EVER and i loved it) plus a really hip canvas purse in my color of the moment, YELLOW! woo-hoooo! ***he knows me*** after some wrangling went outdoors to play, not wasting any sunny day indoors here. decided to load up and head out grab some lunch then head to the playground to eat and play some more. almost immediately after getting there kellen starts complaining he doesn't feel well. then after a few runs on the slide he just quits, turns white and that is the end of our planned day. rush home barely make it out of the car before he gets sick. he colapses on the couch then in our bed, fever starts. call my mom to cancel our planned joined dinner, no need to spread the germ love. scrap all ideas for a nice meal and just simplify, tuna helper (glamorous yes?) kellen wakes, still sick. i lie with him , cold cloth on his head. hubby runs out for a few necessities and dreamily brings home some fixins to make fresh burgers on the grill with mushrooms and onions. AHHHH i can pack up the tuna noodle helper. sigh. *** he knows me*** after throwing up kellen feels much better, gets some color back in his cheeks, decide to order a movie (Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium)on demand curl up on the floor with the kids.

so glamorous? no. but when am i glamorous? i am a mom. that is me. so today was momma and daddy in the trenches. we make a good team. i am a lucky lucky girl.

thank you family for a nice day (skip the puking part)


Pumpkinmama said...

Now really, what would mother's day be without a little throw up?

Anonymous said...

I love the "he knows me" part...happy sigh.