Monday, May 19, 2008

many thanks

waited til this morning to give him his spoon surprises. i was afraid maybe his 4 year old mind would not remember what his 3 year old mind asked for a month ago when he made that funny request for a picture of a spoon for his birthday. this simple request lit a creative spark in some great friends over at flickr. who knew such great art could come from a camera ,some spoons and a whole lot of talent? and now an oning flickr group "putting the extra in the ordinary" by hay, who thought the spoon pics were such fun why not do a new theme every week. thus far we had "corners" and "sausage" and this weekend's 4pm challenge. all ideas given from her girls. so from a simple spoon request continues on. thank you to everone who posted pics to "project spoon" . kellen loved his gifts. keep on creating!


Moosler said...

Do you know there's a picture of a sausage....lying on the ground!?

Pics like that might be more fitting in a Flickr group called "Putting the Horrify in Horrifying."

Either way, you might think to post a warning about disturbing content next time.

kristin said...

haha sorry i'll remember that next time. ;)

Anonymous said...


That is so sweet Kristin. And thanks to your gorgeous wee lad, the creative magic continues!!