Wednesday, May 28, 2008

where does time go?

where does time go?
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15 today. this date 15 years ago i was practically a child myself and then suddenly a mom. we have muddled through. once a tiny little girl, now a woman's body stands before me, heck OVER me. all 5 feet 9 inches (so far). still stuck between 2 worlds of childhood and womanhood. you desperately want to be grown, yet you still wear a cute little bow in your hair. this awkward stage, not comfortable in your growing body, hiding behind bangs and too much mascara no matter how many times i tell you your natural beauty is always better. if mom says so it must be wrong phase. pulling away is a scary thing for a mom. all we ever want is to protect and guide but that is misunderstood as S"mothering" instead of just mothering. i am new at this stuff taylor. i have never had a teenager before. unlucky for you , you are my first; my first baby, my first toddler, now my first teen. you will soon be my first to drive and then drive away.... happy birthday young lady. grow, evolve, stretch, live, love a little bit bigger, a little bit higher each day.
~xo, mom


Anonymous said...

Aww, this made me all teary, not long before I too am there. They grow too fast.
Happy 15th!

MereMortal said...

such a beautiful tribute to a radiant daughter. i cannot imagine that time passes so quickly and yet i know it is so. 12 more years and my first will be there too. sigh.