Thursday, May 22, 2008

a whole new world

hubby brought me a true gift. a digital SLR camera. we have been admiring these for some time, but my point and shoot's early demise pushed our hand. he did all the tech leg work, he digs that sorta thing. me i just take the pictures. and now, well, I WILL TAKE THE PICTURES!!! this is the first shot, natural light i took just this morning of kellen. i did well i think with my point and shoots, but i edited quite a bit through flickr once the picture was loaded. that is where i already see a huge difference. all i did to this was crop it in a bit tighter, nothing else. no color boost, no cross process (2 of my fave tools in flickr) nada, nothing, zilch. oh boy i am in trouble here. i already have big love for photography, but this is like new love; all jittery and butterflies. thank you honey. i will do you proud.


Anonymous said...

So happy for ya girl!!
You are already rockin' it. Aren't SLR's the best??
(Big ups to hubby, that is SERIOUS brownie points!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am GREEEEEEEN with jealousy. Jk, I am really very happy for you. I can't wait to see what you come up with now! Sheesh, you were so good before.
Have fun playing with your new toy!!!
:) :)

amy t sharp said...

beautiful subject and shot!