Sunday, June 01, 2008


i just clicked over to Shutter Sisters way past my usual time . it is my ritual to click all my fave blogs first thing in the morning, but today has been a wonderful lazy sunday. my boys made a homemade pie, i played with the kids outside, they splashed in puddles made by the hose, we had a nice lunch and then pie, then some reading before naps, truly a perfect lazy sunday. so what a surprise i got when i got a chance to check shutter sisters for the theme of the day. sarah-ji wrote a post and at the end of the post linked one of my photos as inspiration along with 3 other talented ladies!!! me! i am beside myself with happiness. i have really been trying hard with my photography these days. i just LOVE it. so to be recoginzed at a place i go to daily for my inspiration is just an honor. thank you sarah-ji!
thank you truly.


Anonymous said...

Congrats hon!
I saw it, and smiled to myself. Then I clicked, and OMG, you SO desrved it, that pic (all your pics) are superb.

Lawyer Mama said...

I saw it too! Why are you so darn surprised. You're an awesome photographer and an inspiration, babe.

And how did I NOT know you had a blog? LOL!

Sarah-Ji said...

I thought that photo perfectly (and beautifully, I might add) captured the theme of AT HOME. You totally deserve the recognition!

Heather said...

I saw it, too! And I am so proud. Your photos are such inspiration to me.

And may I confess? Lately, I have been SO TIRED and having an incredibly hard time keeping up at Shutter Sisters. But. You and Hay are the two mamas whose photos I check first. Y'all are a priority.

MereMortal said...

rock on, mama! you really have your own special ingrediants for photography. i am glad you were featured. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw you and did a little happy dance!