Friday, June 06, 2008

good karma

don't know why but this week has been so extra good to me. today i was featured as "the daily click". i am feeling very blessed.


hippyhappyhay said...

You don't know why? You DON'T KNOW WHY? You are flippin talented, that's WHY!!!
Awesome babe, so freakin' happy for ya...and jealous. I've never made the daily click :( lol.
Must. Try. Harder.
That pic is gorgeous, makes me long for Summertime, as we sit her, bunkering down against the wind and the rain and the cold!
Now, enjoy your moments of recognition...and get used to them...more to come, I know it!

TD wool design said...

absolutely gorgeous! good for you :)

TD wool design said...

ok, i've read more of your blog. hooked. your photos are awesome! really.
love the movie chocolat! and am reading and lovin' eat, pray, love.
and i'm a mom to two girls - 13 & 17.
i'll be back. have a great weekend.

andrea said...

Love, love, LOVE that shot of yours.
So well deserved my friend, congrats!

Anonymous said...

This photo and all your photos lately amaze me. I just sit and stare at what you're capturing. Now I am in awe of your craft and talent! I'm sooo happy for you.
xoxo Amy