Wednesday, June 04, 2008

meme: a post for a friend

read andrea's blog at superhero journal today and she wrote a beautiful post to her friend and urged others to do the same and feel heart filled. so for jen. my friend, and as i like to joke, the sister my mother never gave me. anyone who meets her can see how she shines. her smile, her ease, her wide open laugh. we met lifetimes ago, we were friends pre~husbands, saw eachother through poor pre~husband choices, she stood witness in my wedding, and i for hers, she was present on the day my son was born (reassurring me that everything was fine when i was never certain it was) we have lived near and took many a hike or walk, went camping, enjoyed a few black & tans, danced like groupies for green eggs and spam, laughed so hard at a movie i thought we might actaully get asked to leave, she has given me sushi and orchestra and "dog food" rolls (trust me they are yummy) we raised many an eyebrow just last year having our noses pierced at the ripe ages of thirtysomethings (something my younger hipper me always wanted but never did) we are there for each others highs, lows and all the in betweens. now i live far (again) . we rarely ever talk on the phone but this is just us. we email like crazy. i think of her every day. i see something that is strange, pretty, fun, delicious, a speedo,hysterical or just plain weird and i think of her. having a chuckle to myself "oh if only jen were here..." she would totally get this! she loves not only me but my family as her own. she never forgets a day or special time, she is my kids's biggest cheerleader, "crazy jen". she knows all my secrets. oh yeah and did i tell you she was smart? wicked smart. and she can cook a mean roast chicken or the best seafood lasagna ever made! and she has great feet! yes all this and a pretty pedicure too... she is a total package. i miss her dearly, some days dreadfully. but i am far more blessed to know her and miss her, than i would ever be if i was never able to call her my friend. thank you jen. you always have a way of making me a better funnier thinner smarter more interesting me. you know all my funny sad boring & crazy stories and somehow still like me. LOL
hugs for you, my "sister"friend

andrea was right , this did fill me up, make me smile and laugh to myself remembering some of "us". now think of a friend today and even if you don't write a blog, call them and tell them you love them!


Anonymous said...

Sweetness! I love that you have that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Momma- thank you for EVERYTHING...