Saturday, June 14, 2008

NO memory

ok ok anyone who knows me knows my mind is slipping. rapidly like donw a mountain slope covered in ice it seems! ANYHOW that noted, i made a huge camera ooops today. i took my fancy new camera and fancy zoom lens to Mt A, ME. a nice picnic (check) blankets (check), puppies (check), diapers and rash powder (check) **** note here i was super impressed with myself that i thought to bring casey's prescription powder with us since she has another flare up in her delicate regions**** food (check), me (check) kids and hubby (check check check). nice country ride, beautiful sunny day. lookout with grand views, awesome field of TALL grasses butterflies and wildflowers, totally great spot where i took many many pictures. well i THOUGHT i took many many pictures, all i actually did was click a button many many times. yep NO MEMORY CARD. none in the camera. i need my camera to talk and say "YO DUMMY NO MEMORY CARD IN HERE!!! STOP SHOOTING!!!" but no, it cannot talk. where was memory card, oh left in the computer card reader from my breakfast pics. good job kristin! way to go. SIGH (insert really sad face)

so now i hope this teaches me a lessoon to always check the camera before i take it anywhere. simple problem avoided. now if only i can remember that. i need a memory card for my memory.


L said...

Ouch..been there, done that ..only it was a film camera for a special family event...
hopefully you can recreate your day and have fun doing it!

Anonymous said...

Mine stays in the camera...I use a USB to upload. Nevermind, there is always tomorrow!