Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to flash or not to flash.

i am usually NOT a fan of the flash. if i have my camera on auto and it happens to pop up and go off when i don't expect it, i usually sigh, like "crap i didn't want the flash. " i really dislike the flash on faces. i do not know how to use it correctly. so i always lean hard to the no flash shots, natural light. oh how i love the natural light. this morning the rain had stopped and tiny droplets were clinging to everything. i shot from under the leaves to catch the sun in the background, hoping for some nice bokeh or flares. the flash popped up and took the shot on the right. though i am not a fan of how it washed the green out of the leaf, i do like the effect it gave the sunlight. more defined bokeh and sunburst. so maybe i need to give my flash a little love afterall. just a little.


Anonymous said...

Haha, one word *diffuser*

tracey clark said...

omg. you have no idea...I have a whole bunch of posts I'd like to share at Shutter Sisters on this same subject. great minds, huh?

kristin said...

LOL yes i would love to see one. i can use the help to find my flash mojo tracey! :)