Wednesday, July 30, 2008


well my BIG news is i was was asked to do a guest post on Shutter Sisters by the wonderful Tracey.  what an honor to me.  i of course immediately said YESSSSS!  i knew just the topic, the sisterhood, the friendships, the real connections made,  but then panic set in, i am not a writer, oh no.  then the rain set in, how can i take "the" picture without sun?!?!  double oh no!!!  i wanted it to all be just right, to truly honor all of us for you are so special to me.  thankfully the sun shone, even if just for a bit, and  all worked out.  so this is all for,  and all possible, because of my ladies.  you are loved and appreciated and admired each and every day.  thank you.  i feel you draw who you need into you life, it was all meant to be this way.   and the wonder of it all is i get to know new people each day and the circle grows.

  CHEERS!  and much LOVE!  


Anonymous said...

Congrats sweet friend. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this honor than YOU.

You are our sunshine.
hugs and hugs,

PumpkinMama said...

Great post! I remember being shocked and happily surprised by all the real friendships that were created once I took the jump into my online community of knitters/spinners. Glad you have found similar with SS!

e.darcy said...

You did brilliantly, and as a sister-I am going to be honest with you, and tell you that you should always and forever abandon saying 'I am not a writer'
It was the perfect post, and just at the right time for me as well!

gonzomama said...

The post was great! I think you spoke for many people on that post.
and that picture - just perfect.

jfrancis said...

Paper dolls
grow up
shutter sisters.

ELK said...

Kristen I do not know you but I now know you...isn't this fun! Your post and photo were so wonderful!

Brandi said...


vintagechica said...

Congrats to you friend...I so loved this post. It is amazing how connected you can feel to women through their photos...thank you.

Anonymous said...

big congrats! loved it all, the perfect timing of the sun, the paper doll cutouts!! how could i have forgotten about paper doll cutouts?! and of course the sisterhood, which brings me strength daily.

i love what what jfrancis said about paper dolls growing up to become shutter sisters. love it.

margie said...

my sister and i share a sister blog, two sisters enjoying the love sisterhood. thanks for a nice post.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristin, Your pictures are beautiful, like something from a dream,images I cant quite remember moments after waking...I enjoy visiting your blog. You are one hell of a writer too! Best of luck to you and yours. Always, Pete

mames said...

i love that post at s.s. so many good women and great photos. i found it via superhero and just love the inspiration and the photos, god, the photos...including yours.

and i loved the flickr party from a few posts back. wish the margaritas could happen on the west coast.

i did make the kimonos for the boys, thanks for the flickr comment. the tutorial is linked in my latest post but you can find it at

tracey clark said...

loved what you shared with us at SS Kristin. your post filled me with such gratitude and i hold your words (and lovely photo) close to my heart.
thank you again. xo