Saturday, July 05, 2008

COLLABORATION! goldie&momma

i am ttv, layering, and texture CHALLENGED! so i enlisted the help of my sisterfriend, Heather ~ AKA "strawberrygoldie" to her flickr fans. she is the queen of many things. one of my favorites is her treatment of ttv framing and textures to her pics. she heard my plea and added some to my bubble pics. i love it! i knew i would. now if only she lived 800 miles closer so she could be my tutor! i know i would learn SO much, plus i think we'd have some wicked good fun. :)

thanks lady! you rock! hugs!!! ~ kristin



see why i am such a huge FAN of hers! enormous talent, but super supportive, encouraging, helpful, and FUNNY! check out her work you will be SO glad you did!


Heather said...


You, woman, inspire me daily. You must know.

Thank you for the shout out!

And if we lived closer? Ohhhhh the trouble we'd be in...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

You both are creative brainiacks!
Oh how much I love this pic.

kristin said...

"brainiacs"!!!!??? LOLOLOL boy we have her fooled huh? wink wink. love ya a. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lol, you girls are sweet, and you make a mighty fine team!

Anonymous said...

ha brainiacks! ha, love it, andie!

love the pic, the collaboration, and the end result is fantastic.

keep em coming ladies, ya'll are inspiring!