Saturday, July 12, 2008

feeling hope FULL

i have many blessings in my life.
i am not always mindful of that.
lately i have seen a shift in others.
good works, spreading hope.
something so simple.
something so important.
something i can do.
something i can show my children.
some travel far with beautiful art and words,
some make a handwritten family effort,
some use their stirring images.
this i can do.
so i played with a few images i felt sweetness from. i will print them note size on paper then
put a little hope out into the universe. perhaps in random places, or places one may go in need, shelters, clinics.
peaked your interest? click here and join the HOPE REVO .


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Anonymous said...

love these. you have inspired me!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing.