Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I posted 2 of the same pics of kellen today on flickr;  one in black and white, "windows to the soul",(posted previously below) with just his one eye left blue. the other was the color version of the exact same shot.  i always have difficulty catching the detail in his eyes. they always just look dark. but this shot today  actually caught the flecks in the blue. i tooled it as much as i could in flickr. i was very happy with the black and white, but not so much with the color version. i liked the eyes, but his skin tones were too red ,  the more i toned that down the more i lost the sparks in his eyes. unprompted by me, a lovely flickr friend took that color shot, and with her Photoshop skills she did what i had tried but failed at. this clearly shows that with a good picture and a good program and the skills to use it, magic can happen. thank you Marina. and soon i too shall have this lovely PS program thanks to the love of another flickr sister (heather my ttv master) ! AND lessons!!! what a blessing flickr has been for me! in friends and knowledge. thanks all.



PumpkinMama said...

Thats wonderful! I'm wondering if a strong horizontal crop might be even more striking? Not that K's nose isn't adorable, but it might be taking some focus away from those eyes.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...


kristin said...

not a bad idea erin, but i love the light on his cheek and the fuzz on his face a little too much in this shot. but that is just me. i am biased ya know ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Flickr Chickrs!

Heather said...

It should be arriving at your door any day now.

I think I'm as excited as you!

*Kisses* for Kellen. He is beautiful.