Sunday, July 20, 2008

rainy day revo

rained most of the day, when kiddos napped and hubby was on "watch" i took a drive to the city to look for some inspiration.  so much to photograph in a city.  old buildings , urban decay, graffiti {love it}, people everywhere, music flowing from open bar doors, seagulls, sound of the rain, pigeons, puddles, and many many places ripe for my hope notes.  the mosaic shows a few of the places i put them.  this project is invigorating in so many ways. it made me look at my photographs in a totally different light, it makes me get off my butt and put them out into the world, it makes me smile thinking of who will see it first, will they peel it off to keep for them self, or just smile and move along their day leaving for the next someone to find? it is a mystery. of course there is the chance that someone will rip it down and crumple it up.  no matter.  and feeling a part of something bigger than me.  being so inspired by the others who motivated me or the new that are now joining in the revo.  hope on!


Anonymous said...

You rock momma! I just got mine from the printers today...looking forward to spreading some hope! xxxx

P.S Your description of the city is exactly why I feel the pull to live much stimulation!

Anonymous said...

These "city" photos you've been taking are so urban chic. Just proves how very TALENTED you are. Sunshine or rain.