Tuesday, August 12, 2008

farm day!

farm day!
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tuesday pick-up, and as per usual up here it was raining. this week we got baby potatoes, beans, green peppers, tomatoes, squash, cabbage, hot pepper, carrots, cukes, and a bouquet of sunflowers mixed with flowering basil! so not only do they look pretty, they smell great! just as we were leaving the farm the sun was trying to shine and we saw a full rainbow, how nice.


mayaluna said...

I think you know how much your photography inspires me...I wanted to share my love for each of your beautiful pictures and the stories that go with them with others...so I just gave your blog an award. Details are over at maya*made...thanks for the constant dose of beauty!

ELK said...

Kristen this is a happy picture!

kristin said...

what?!?! an award. oh happy day. thank you maya. that brings a huge smile to my face. wow the sun IS shining today. thank you.

Anonymous said...

lovin' the yellows in this collage. Beeee-utiful!