Friday, August 15, 2008

first ever flare friday

flare friday worship
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oh yes no secret i worship the flare.
the light
the sunbursts
the rays
the bubbles
the rainbows
the glare
the magic of light+lens

i started a new group over @ flickr tonight. when i went to dinner i was the solo member of my fantastic (so i think) group. now at 10:48pm there are 68 members!!!!!! WOOO-HOOO! long live the flare. thank you all. this has me giddy. AND i think this just may get me through winter this year. so keep then coming. they are divine and now they are all in a place we can enjoy so easily.



Andy said...

I already can't wait until next Friday! Thanks for inspiring me to get out there and try something new - it's something I haven't messed around with too much.

A (RWB) said...

I hope to have some flare for you for next week!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for flares! I am so glad you started this group.
Hugs dear friend,