Saturday, August 02, 2008

hope quilt

hope quilt
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a box full of hope and love came for me. my thrifted quilt top now is a proper quilt thanks to the talented hands, and generosity of arrived along with a set of her beautiful hope notes and a box colored by sweet river.  and as if that wasn't enough, the back has a patch embroidered with "summer of hope, meredith and river". (heart swells)  this week is just overflowing with the same emotion, a connection, ladies i have never met face to face, yet i know them. deeply. it is filling me up. thank you.

kellen and i took a late afternoon nap with it, perfection.


Anonymous said...

this really makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the sweetest present for the sweetest lady. Perfect.

Anonymous said...


merrit said...

this is just dear. beautiful quilt, beautiful women.

btw, I'm DROOLING over your header picture!!!!!!
merrit :)

vintagechica said...

Oh naps and quilts...perfect indeed.

mayaluna said...

such a lovely gift...sweet thoughts of dreams snuggled in it. and on another note...your header is jaw-droppin'!