Monday, August 18, 2008

TUNES! for my younger self

one thing i have found up here is a great radio station.  they play the craziest mix of stuff and local artists and "oldies" (well to my teenager they are oldies to me they are just YESTERDAY! and "back in the day" i cut many a rug.  i LOVED to dance!!!! wed nights at the firehouse (now gone) jen and i would tear it up. elbows would fly.  live  green eggs and spam, 3 hour tour, queen bee, good times, really good times.  why don't i dance anymore?  well anyway, today i hopped in the car to run momma errands and this came on.  instant smile.  takes me right back. head bobbing, turned it up, sang loud!  made me remember my younger self.  i liked that chick!  :)  


gonzomama said...

too funny! how could you not crank it up?
please tell me that's not what you are referring to when you say "oldies".

btw, your etsy button looks great! said...

We have to keep calling on that "younger self" so we don't ever get old. Even though my teenager reminds me daily just how old I am!

Heather said...

HAH! I periodially burst into this song. It is just so off and so right.