Friday, September 05, 2008

a boy's world

The world was made for little boys
With infinite wonders and myriad joys
As he explores the source of brooks
Or recorded lore in interesting books.

As he trails fierce bears imaginary
Or listens quietly for the wild canary,
There are trees to climb - birds to hear,
Animals to greet with love - not fear.

He tramps the woods, fields and streams
Dreaming those wondrous boyhood dreams,
Of conquering worlds - as yet unknown
In that far off day when he is grown,
To manhood stature with noble goal
Imbued with nature's gentle soul.

In the cool of evening or midday sun
Knowing that all of life is one -
Knowing with all its strife and noise
The world was made for little boys.
-Rea Williams 


Leaca Young said...

cute! lovely processing!

Anonymous said...

beautiful words.

Mrs.French said...

and you have a blog....yay! this poem is fantastic (captures my little one perfectly)!

Anonymous said...

Perfect pairing. Love your boys soulful eyes.