Saturday, September 20, 2008

mackville morning

took an overnight trip to Vermont to see "big nana" (will blog about her next) but i wanted to take this chance to show some of the fun we had on our sleepover with diane and her family.  diane is an "imaginary friend" i made through this funny photo sharing world of flickr. now turned real live friend.  it proves that it is truly a small world when here she lives in my husband's small vermont hometown.  just blocks from where he grew up and where "big nana" still resides.  it is such a beautiful place. truly hard to describe unless you too have been there.  nestled in the mountains of the northeast kingdom.  a slower paced life, a return to the land, an idyllic childhood fantasy truly.  but by no means an easy way of life, harsh winters and a farming and logging based economy,  perhaps these factors add to the value community and family here.    people are not short on hospitality and openness and easy friendship.  i met diane last trip to vermont for a quick breakfast at the local diner.  i know we were both nervous and i talked so fast (i do that when i am nervous)  but after the meet up we still stayed in touch so luckily i had not made a fool of myself in person.  this trip was to be a quick one, usually we stay at big nana's but i wanted her to get as much rest as possible and having 2 crazy toddlers around for a full day and night would not equal much rest for her.  so diane and her family graciously invited us to stay in their home.  her little bea was even coming down with a cold, but they still made all the time for us.  i met some new friends and jessica even taught ME how to knit.  a skill i have longed for but never knew anyone to show me how.  she was so patient and the ease at which they all treated us is nothing short of amazing in this busy world.  her son emmett is such a pleasure and played with al the little ones like a great big brother.  eager to show things to them, we picked an egg from the chicken coop, wandered in their garden, slept under fluffy down blankets, and it was a cold fall night, she even picked a sunflower and put it in a mason jar next to our bed.  we ate fresh eggs and toast and coffee for breakfast, the kids played a little in their big yard under a gorgeous maple.  it was a treat to say the least.  i hope we do it again soon and maybe i can convince her to make the trip east to our beach someday.  thank you diane, lucian, emmett (soon to be birthday boy) and bea (hope you are feeling better little one!)  so i guess the moral of my story is meet your flickr friends if you get the chance, extend that awkward invite!  you won't be sorry you did i am sure of it.

PS~ not only is diane so nice she is a talent as well, she and jessica sell some sweet little clothes on etsy.  please go check it out, i know they are adding new knits for fall!  or if you are in vermont go see her at the market!


leaca said...

that is wonderful you was able to meet up with a flickr friend. i love your new blog banner too.

Sew Fab Martha said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day! I really do love the color play in this mosaic! I have yet to meet any of my 'imaginary friends'!

Paula said...

I also just met Diane who was an imaginary friend for a little while, and I also felt liked I talked waaay to fast!