Wednesday, September 03, 2008

school daze

well it is 7 am do i know where my teenager is???  oh wait yes i DO, in class, at school!  10th grade.  ummm, wow.  this summer has been a great summer of growth for her.  her first job, new friends from that, new experiences, her own money, independence, responsibility.  it shows.  she stands taller this year as i see her out the door and make her pose for the obligatory first day of school picture (she hates that).  her eyes are puffy, not enough rest, a new (old) schedule to resume of getting up early.  but even through those puffy eyes i see a new stride, not hunching over at the shoulders, but standing straight, not hiding her smile, she looks more comfortable in her skin, what can be better than that?  good luck kid!  here's to a new school year!  love mom.


ELK said...

yes MM I have a junior and that time transition can be brutal - she is a night owl but aren't all teenagers?

jfrancis said...

One day at a time,
the biology of growth.

Anonymous said...

Watch out school! She looks beautiful and confident, just like her momma.