Wednesday, October 08, 2008

an autumn's dream

an autumn's dream
Originally uploaded by mainemomma2007
more fairy light, still clapping.


jfrancis said...

make the stars

Anonymous said...

You have some kind of magic woman...thanks for sharing it day after day.

leaca said...

Wow! That is gorgeous.

melanie said...

ooo brilliant explosion of golden light!
how lucky we are you capture these
magic moments for us to enjoy :)

looks like the sun is bursting forth saying,
"hi, i'm here. you see me?"
(that's what i think anyway) lol

kristin said...

oh yes the sun putting on show, and yes i see it melanie, every day i can i take it in. thank you ladies. i have so enjoyed fall photography this year.

kristen said...

i so believe. your photos prove it.

kristin said...

:) xo kristen