Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TAGGED (again)

ok here goes i was tagged by  Mitzi. here are the rules
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my seven random facts...but really since
i did this a way back i have to think of 7 more things, this is hard. i am not that interesting.  lol

1- i am double jointed, i used to sit with my legs bent completely back as a kid, drove my mom nuts (among many other things i did)  i blew out my knee at 23 and had my acl replaced , so maybe mom was right and sitting like that WAS really bad on my knees.

2- i sucked my thumb for 11 years (stop laughing) ok a little back story in my defense... i sucked in utero, how do i know this?  when i was born my thumb was purple and my mom thought i had broken it in a blanket or something, doc looked at it and said no that is a callous she has been sucking her thumb inside you and this is what happens.  so i had done this since before birth!  the roof of my mouth is concave.  the bone formed to the shape of my thumb, i thought everyone's mouth was like mine, but nope all of you have flat roofs in your mouth, not me.  i sucked all the time when i was little, but as i got older i would fall asleep and then the thumb would go to the mouth.  of course i had horrible buck teeth from this.  when it came time for braces my orthodontist instructed my mom to ace bandage my arm straight at night so i could not bend it to my mouth.  no joke.  so that is how the habit got broken.  crazy huh?

3. i have 2 tattoos.  a sun and moon combo in color on what was once a flatter stomach/hip area, after taylor, but pre kellen and casey. then my hubby and i went together YEARS back and got inked together (awwwwww  LOL)  so i have a design in black on my lower back. would i get another?  yes but something really thought out and with meaning.  do i regret the ones i have?  no, they are a part of me, a part of my history and where i was in my life then, i kinda like that.  do i wish my stomach was a fine piece of flat art and not a flabby stretch marked sun and moon?  heck yeah!   

4. i did not do pregnant well, ever!  all 3 times i had "hyper emesis" translated i threw up 24-7 and then some.  for all 40 weeks.  and i had girls and a boy so that wives tale went out the window with me.  i was literally the color green, i lost weight, not gained, i was hospitalized and put on iv and then chemo drugs to keep me functioning. and yes i did it 3 times!!!!  i always hoped with all hope that THIS time will be better.  no dice.

5. i am a fish. i love the water. i swam before my mom even knew i really could. i was on the swim team by age 7.  i woke up ate breakfast, put on my suit, walked to the pool, and lived at the pool til dinnertime and went back for late night meets.  i smelled of chlorine and my hair was like straw and my feet raw from the rough concrete surface of the pool, and it is some of the best memories of my childhood. 

6. i played the bells (glokenspiel) in the marching band.  yes band geek. 

7. i was born blonde and was blonde through high school, my kids are all blonde but everywhere we go people look at me and say where do they get their blonde hair, i feel like i need to carry a picture of me in my wallet for such occasions to pull out as proof.  each pregnancy my hair darkened and well now it is almost black with more grays than i like to admit.   but yes i was a blonde. 

now i tag....
2. maya   
3. diane 
5. another maya
7. ella

ok i tagged all new people this time round so not to make enemies of my first round tagged.  
****oh no i re-tagged diane!!!!  :)   maybe she can be exempt.
 sorry diane my memory is realllllly bad.  2 toddlers and 1 teenager will do that, kill brain cells. 


leaca said...

I will get right on this. Well, in the next couple of days. =)

leaca said...

My hair has gotten darker and more curly. It is crazy that it can happen.

Diane said...

Um, ahem, cough, I kind of forgot about it the first time... am I still exempt? Probably not. I'll see what I can do...
: )

kristin said...

LOL diane!!!!!!! :) and leaca yeah my feet grew too. as if pregnancy was not hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Lol. You ARE interesting. Denver has a concave roof in her mouth. Not from sucking, from her syndrome...but still, someone out there is like you! lol.

Goodness, my word verification is actually a word! grips. Huh? Grips what? where? is an earthquake coming??

kristin said...

yay if denver has it then i am in good company.

Anonymous said...

Ha HA HAAAA! I didn't know you played the bells!!! Why have you hidden this talent from me all these years???? And here I thought you were "just" a cheerleader! I stand corrected! And I'm double impressed:) I love finding out new things about you! xo Jen

kristin said...

you never saw the pics of me in my maroon and gold plume?!?!?! wow you have been missing out. i will have to dig some up. shiny white pleather shoes with tassels. and oh yeah getting those snap firecrackers and darts thrown at our polyester bellbottoms in the king frost parade. good old hamburg! good times good times.

Artful Spirit said...

Oppps...sorry for the second tag! I am so new to blogging I didn't know that many people to tag, so I kinda tagged everyone who's blog I was following at the time. I will exempt you the next time around. Thanks for being a good sport about it though! Have a great night!!


Anonymous said...

...and here I thought I KNEW you! Those were so great and I'm sorry I had to giggle when I read that you had a tramp stamp, ha ha ha.

I can't even imagine what you would look like blonde!
Big hugs,

kristin said...

andie OMG! my hubby just came home tonight and said i heard a new word for a tattoo on your back, he couldn't remember at first and then said "TRAMP STAMP!!!!!!!" AHHHHHHHHHHH SO funny i can't stand it.
oh have to post blonde shots and bar shots. my scanner never does pics justice but i shall dig some up. and of course the aqua net mall hair! bangs 5 inches high.