Thursday, October 09, 2008


this is how we spend our days.  wrapped in warmth, walking whenever we can, exploring all the colors~seeds~leaves~nuts~sticks~berries fall has to offer.  gathering, collecting, bringing them home in our pockets and hands.  i never fully appreciated a bouquet of leaves til this fall. oh how i wish you could bring them in and put them in water like flowers.  kellen cannot wait for the leaves to really come down so we can pile them up high and jump in them.  downside is the days are certainly getting shorter.  though wet, october has been kind thus far. soaking up these last warm days. 


jfrancis said...

There is purpose
in the downward arc
of leaves.
They contain
heaven's sunshine
for another season.

Diane said...

Oh, those side by side are even better than two or singly... lovely, lovely...

ELK said...

TWO things:
thanks for bringing your images to me here in Texas ~ do not do fall like Maine!

big cliche I know but will say it anyway ENJOY those walks it flies by

blessings ~