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7 questions with leaca.

last week Leaca interviewed me on her blog asking me her " 7 questions".  i thought it might be fun if someone asked HER the same  questions.   she agreed,  so here is my interview of Leaca from Alaska, a photographer, mom and blogger.  you can read her at her blog, Simply Blogged. 
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1. what do you shoot with? (camera and lens choose 1 of each)

Canon EOS 50D and my lens of choice is 50mm 1.4--it helps with the low light issue in Alaska.

2. What is your favorite photo on flickr? (one of yours and one of another photographer)

Of my photos it would have to be this one of my daughter.  She does not allow me to photograph her very often.  I think she is naturally beautiful.  She does not wear make up or spend hours in the bathroom getting ready.  I wanted to convey that in this photo.  I felt that I nailed it.

and Leaca admires this shot by Rachel Schell.  leaca says, "I can't even put it into words how much I love what she captured here.  I have went back to this photo several times just to learn from it. "

3. what would be one tip for someone new to photography?  

Join flickr. Join some groups.  Shoot often. In the beginning shoot until you can't shoot no more.  For those that have DSLR cameras--learn your manual settings as soon as possible.  The creative freedom is endless. 

4.  If you had to choose between stills, macro, portrait, landscape, what would you choose?

I love shooting portraits but it is not always so easy to find a willing participant so I am going to say stills.  

5.  Who's photography influenced you the most in the beginning stages of your own photography? 

I have loved my dad's photography and he would have to be my very first influence but since starting flickr I would have to say
Cinnamon has been the biggest influence.  She does not live in a box and she is constantly letting her photography evolve.  She is always willing to help newbies with their photography and I think that says a lot about her character.  

6.  Where do you get your greatest inspiration now?
At first it was off of Explore but it did not take me long to figure out that the best photos do not always land there.  I like groups like
Utata and Shutter Sisters for inspiration.  I am going to have to say the greatest inspiration comes from my contacts on flickr.  After seeing their photography everyday you start to get a feel for what their art is about and why they photograph certain subjects.  It does not get any more inspirational than that.  

7.  Who are your top five favorite photographers on flickr right now?
This is tough...I have a ton of favorites.  
Olivia Bee, she is only 14 years old but has amazing talent.
and Brett Walker, his stuff is not my style, but i have learned quickly that your inspirations and learning often comes from those that do not reflect your own photographic style-- i embrace it all and i have grown from that. 

Leaca is a talented crafter as well as photographer she mailed me this sweet surprise the other day AND she  kindly awarded me the Kreativ blogger award a few weeks back now and i need to do my duty and pass it on.
first i am to tell you 5 things you may not already know about me, this gets harder and harder since i think i reveal a lot here but here goes..
1- i take my pillow everywhere.  i think this stared as a little kid.  i had a small satin pillow that went so well with my thumb sucking, i took it everywhere til it "disappeared" one day around age 5.  (yeah i am still bitter lol)  but now as an adult i still take my pillow everywhere.
2- i love burts bees baby lotion on me.
3- i sing loud to the radio.
4- i used to be a sweet eater,  now i have totally changed to savory. give me another helping of garlicky mussels over a piece of dessert any day!
5- my middle name is Beth.  after my maternal grandmother elizabeth. 

and i pass along the Kreativ Blogger award to a fave place to visit, andrea's (girlhula) blog, Hula Seventy.   

check out her
37 things list. i love it, and plan on making my own list on my next birthday.

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thanks kristin. i love her 37 things. I am already 38 but I could start a 39 things--that would be fun.