Tuesday, November 25, 2008

day dream road trip, the big finish!

enough of this driving.
yeah i am trading my wheels  for some wings.
feeling like i need some summer sun.
some flowers blooming.
a beach with glitter sand
maybe a visit to one Hope Bros. for lunch 
perhaps some vegemite.
please proceed to gate 12.
Kiwi Air is now boarding.
look out hay
HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!
in no way do i take credit for these great shots, i sent out the word and these ladies quickly responded to my call with creative and fun shots all their own. i just squished us all together.  :) 

Playlist for this leg final leg of our journey.
not only did we all pitch in to make our greetings to you but here is our compilation CD...

Halfway Home from Dear Science, by TV on the Radio  (steph)
The Littlest Birds The Be Good Tanyas (dani)
Be Ok  Ingrid Michaelson (dani)
To the Dogs or Whoever Josh Ritter (dani)
New Soul Yael Naim (me)
I'm Yours Jason Mraz (taylor)
Nightswimming REM (me)
 You're So Cool Hans Zimmer (me, and i do not know why, i just love this)
Clocks Coldplay (me)
World Spins Madly On the Weepies (me)
Business Time Flight of the Conchords  ***( a last minute addition by diane)(and let me add, diane that is BRILLIANT! LOLOL)
and we need to take it out like it all began,  full circle.
 i happen to know from the source that this was her anthem last summer, so for you Hay, some  RHCP love Road Tripping.

xo to all who have come along the way, who have helped by playing tour guide, or stepped in the DJ booth, for inspiring the whole trip in the first place, to all of you, thank you.  
much love. 
an open road & heart. 
warm sun on your shoulders. 
hope, always hope.  
safe travels. 
gosh it was fun.

***just a little cause close to hay's heart.  Free Tibet!  need a little something for someone and give to a good cause all in one click?  sweet.  


Diane said...

Wait! Wait for me! I forgot to tell you all I am *terrified* of flying so I will need to sit in a middle seat with hands to squeeze on both sides and generally I require a goodly number of anti-anxiety meds to keep from breaking the hands I am squeezing into a million little pieces.

And here: I want to listen to my favorite New Zealanders (Hay and family aside) on the way there...

Anonymous said...

woo-hoo! here we come Hay!!
kristin, you are the best. thank you for bringing us all together.


Anonymous said...

AWWW,sweetie. I was standing on the cliff looking down this morning, you have NO idea how much this means. Love you!

Oh yeah, still trippin' with the chilli's, and this year, Kid Rock is coming to the partay.


Anonymous said...

And Diane...

LOL, The Concords are AWESOME:D

kristin said...

no get back off that cliff lady. you need to go get us all some vodka! LOL just kidding. yeah those conchords are HILARIOUS! we love ya!

gonzomama said...

i have to tell you i went to the dr. today for my 6 wk check up and after watching that video (a little teary eyed) and with matt standing behind me - i turn to him and say "doesn't that make you want to have a house full of kids?"

anyway, happy thanksgiving.

enjoy your family!

kristin said...

that is a greta one i saw that a year ago i think on eve's blog i am pretty sure hey are her cousins... anyhow how sweet is that. THE best.

Shalet said...

I'm loving all the music - especially the last song! Hilarious!!! Thanks for making me smile. :o)

steph said...

yeah, I know what that means: it's business time! it's business time!

LOVE this album! Kid's favorite is the robot song. They run back and forth to the record player so they can hear it again and again!