Thursday, November 27, 2008

thank FULL: a story board

hope everyone here in the US had a warm wonderful thanksgiving. 
we cooked, and ate, and decorated with cool kid art, and had pie and cake, lounged, played scrabble, felt full in our bellies and our hearts.  i DO so love thanksgiving.  2 great words into one great day. 
thanks and giving.  
thanks to my mom for the yummy desserts. 
and thank you taylor for helping me cook.
kellen and casey LOVED the cranberry sauce the best i think.  :)
ours never really varies. it is a day handed down in food. 
turkey (growing up my great grandparents always made duck.  when they passed on, the family switched to traditional turkey.  i do that today, but i do remember the ducks, so moist and tender.) 
stuffing in the turkey
dutch style potato filling~  all that means is mashed potatoes+the stuffing, blended together and baked again til crisp layer forms.  sigh this is SO good, SPARE NO BUTTER, it is so bad for you , but OH SO GOOD.
green bean casserole 
cranberry sauce ( the jellied kind.  i know i know i should want the fresh cranberries, but i just love the jellied stuff!)  
then desserts this year my mom made
chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for jason (my husband thinks this is the only dessert on the planet that matters. all others are just fluff)
pecan pie (my request)
pumpkin pie (my mom's holiday staple)
pumpkin bread to boot.  because really 2 pies and a cake are not enough.  LOL

what was on your table???
what food traditions do you carry on?


Blogging Molly said...

wow! that is quite the meal. we have the same menu every year as well, though just tonight as i was putting away leftovers, i told my husband that perhaps we could pare down the menu for next year. every thing is so good though, i don't know what we could sacrifice!
happy thanksgiving!

kristin said...

exactly molly, plus they all blend so well together i too cannot imagine one without the other. the only one i could give up is the corn. but my kids love that too much, maybe when they are older i can sneak in some brussel sprouts in place of that. :) and as a kid i wanted all the sweets, now i have totally turned to savory. i'd rather have a 2nd plate of all the food and skip the dessert.

gkgirl said...

that dressing sounds divine.

steph said...

sweet potato casserole with marshmellows! we just cant get enough of that. And BEER. And COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Perfection!
Happy Thanksgiving again, Kristin!

Anonymous said...

Awww, so glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I'm still trying to recoop after 4 days of cooking/company over.
Love the pics you took! I'll send over my t-day dip this a.m.