Friday, December 19, 2008


i had a mosaic for today but then rethought it.  for today just this one will do.  it was not shot today, but yesterday when the sun was so bright,  the sky so blue,  the ground all white, everything sparkled,  and kids were giddy and i inhaled it all.   when you don't see the sun for awhile the blues creep in ever so slow, almost unnoticed.  but then when it appears and i get this feeling like seeing an old friend again, then i know how much i was missing it.  it hits me.  so i did my very best to be present in it.  looking for the sparks and flares , squinting straight into the sun.  bring it on sun!  i am ready.  more than ready.  and it was good, really good.  and not like summer loud and proud, but a quieter, still, good.  balm for my winter's soul.  today the sun is hidden again, under a white winter sky.  i do hope it comes for a visit again soon though.  
happy flare friday to everyone out there.  

and i am leaving you with this wee bit of cuteness from sharon (pink sherbert photography) i saw on flickr.
just 17 seconds of your time to make you smile... 
i did.