Sunday, December 21, 2008

lighting up my life

lighting up my life
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and rockin' my world.
lights aren't just for trees you know!
so much fun.
a few of my faves on a cold snowy sunday.

*click on the mosaic to view it large.
   it is worth the click


Grey Street Girl said...

You do the cutest little compilations! Love this!

O. Joy said...

what an "illuminating" post! (You knew someone had to do the pun!) Some really creative & beautiful shots!! And thanks for including Maggie, the holiday dog!!
Happy Holidays to you!

CassJustCurious said...

I really love this idea of the compilations. I'm using you as inspiration over at a blog I write for Beyond Megapixels on Tuesday: here's the link to the site

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so beautiful Momma:)) I love it. I love all the beautiful pics in the set and the one of the couple with the lights is dreamy! But I can't help but picture me and D in that shot and giggle:)))) xoxo

kristin said...

LOL i know it would take an extra strand for me at least! lololol ;)

kristin said...

oh and i don't like any light in the boudoir, why on earth would i take a whole dang strand in there???!!! AHHHH

kristin said...

still they pull it off in grand fashion! kudos to them

TAG said...

so lovely.

kristin said...

thanks for the cross post!