Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sparkle and shine!

tripping the light fantastic today over at shutter sisters.
not a challenge to a self proclaimed "bokeholic" like me.  i cannot stop myself from shooting the pretty lights this season.  this mosaic is just a few of my shots from in my home, and around my 'hood'.  hope your season sparkles and shines.  i think this has inspired me to take a drive to our city tonight and shoot the BIG light displays there.  that should be just the fix i need.


Oliag said...

Just found your blog thru Shutter Sisters and I'm so impressed with your pics! I'm just learning and will try to imitate some of your shots! What kind of camera do you use?

kristin said...

i have a nikon D60. dslr. thank you for the compliment. have fun learning!

Anonymous said...

Oh so much sparkly goodness! My eye's just got bigger and bokehfied from looking at all of your lovely.
Thanks for passing along the bokeh-lism to me.

Lori said...

love the bokeh!