Sunday, December 14, 2008


we made a day of it
hit the mall to allow mall santa to redeem himself (*see post a few below on why mall santa was on MY naughty list)
then to our place to get a tree, but wound up at a different tree farm instead and it was so wonderful
kellen and daddy wandered til kellen found the perfect tree
casey and i went inside and wandered til we found the perfect apple cider (me) and free apple (c)
wrapped it up and loaded it atop our van and home we went
dug out the christmas cd's; stevie, ella, snoopy 
kids did all the decorating 
daddy assisted with the topper
house smells of fresh pine.  
now the countdown begins. 
kellen asked a few times if santa was coming tonight.  
i am sure this question will be asked every night til christmas. :) 


Anonymous said...

Love trips out to the "farm" both in October and in December. Another stellar collage here love. You are so good and getting the colors/tones to match.

Thanks for taking me along with your beautiful family. I'm so glad you posts your days.


kristin said...

HUGS to you andie for always reading and commenting!!!!! i love ya, but even moreso since you always take the time.

steph said...

awwwww! those textures and kids and tiny slices of christmas--that's the stuff that will bring tears in a few years! beautiful colors and tones, indeed.

kristin said...

xo steph thank you! you are right, i get flack for taking so many pics, but one day they will be treasured for sure!