Friday, January 23, 2009

big red balloon

happy friday all.
some whimsy and flare to share with your from courtney.
these make me happy.
really happy.
makes me want to go buy the biggest red balloon i can find.
thanks courtney! 

and these grocery store cupcakes of ours make me pretty happy too.
fat and happy.  
happy first birthday to my inspiration, shutter sisters who celebrated 1 year of clicking yesterday.  here's to many more clicks and years! 


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh now Im going to have that song in my head all day...99 red balloons go by...
Love the pics.

Anonymous said...
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Char said...

love shots like that!! so cute to share with us. and cupcakes make everything wonderful

Courtney said...

so sweet of you... thanks!

daniela said...

oh yes, must find a balloon of this size. in orange :-) thanks for bringing us courtney!

leaca said...

lOVE that balloon.

Jeanine said...

i can't get visions of giant red balloons out of my head. i wants one ;)

Anonymous said...

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