Wednesday, February 04, 2009

love of language

i posted this picture on flickr today stating my love of words, but my recent frustration stemming from my inability to pull them from my waning brain.  i envy writers.  i think perhaps i secretly wish i were one.  a good one.  a great one.  oh words glorious words.  they are delicious yes?  the way some roll off your tongue, or make you think, or bring back a memory, or just plain make you giggle. 
some of my faves: 
some that make me giggle for no good reason:
underpants (gets me EVERY time)
uvula   (that funny dangly thing in your throat)
lozenge (merely because i always say lozenger, don't know why,  just stuck that way) 

help me here, what words do you just love?  


Anonymous said...

I love the word "love". Has so many nuances , not to mention realities, to it. Just try to define it.

Next I like "incorrigible". Was told that when about seven or eight. And have been ever since.

sunmamma said...

I love the word facetious and superlative and tolerant.

Check out this site :)

Char said...

whimsical, silly, girlie, and succulent.

great words

Kirsty said...

I've already commented on your flickr but this truly is such a beautiful shot.

Anonymous said...

I love color words like vermillion, chartreuse, turquoise and periwinkle-so pretty. I love pretty name words like Gabriel, Julian, Francis and Carolina. I also like words that sound like what they are like crispy, crackly, irridescent, sparkling, fizzy, smush, etc. Forgive my spelling mistakes! And you're great with words-look at your lovely blog and over a decade of cards, letters and emails:) I love your words girl.

kristin said...

i love the words about sound those are all great!!!!

Shawna said...

indubitably has always been one of my faves, though i don't often get to fit it into a sentence! my pediatrician got us hooked on the word umphalitis. :O) and usually i make up at least one word a day because i'm stuck when i go to reach for the right one.

anyhow if a picture is worth 1000 words, i think you get 10,000 for your shots. more delicious than most of the words i come up with!

kristin said...

thank you shawna!

jag said...

You ARE a good writer!!

The words that giggle in my mouth are "drawer", "askew" and "awry". I only learned how to pronounce the last one a few years ago. I always thought it sounded out at "aw-ree". :-)

BTW, this photo is AMAZING (another cool word that I tend to use a lot to describe your pics!)

kristin said...
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leaca said...

nonsensical...yes, I am a Jane Austen fan. =]

Anonymous said...

"kindred" always makes me think of Anne of Green Gables, which I am rereading right now for the thousandth time.

Vivienne said...

i think the word that tops my list is 'resilience'...i love everything about it! i love this post too.

Sarah-Ji said...

Some of my favorite words are cadence, harmony, peace, liberty, sacred.

I love that photo...the softness of the green inner heart is so beautiful!

mamak said...

words i love:hilarioushopepeacegreensustainableforgivea word i think is funny:jo-joevery time i hear my grand daughter say it and then i say it i giggle.

mames said...



you are awesome.

mamak said...

I'm so sorry. I have no idea why my comment posted like that.

kristin said...

thank you all for your great words! this was really fun to see how everyone responded! so many great words/ xo kristin

Anonymous said...

it's not so much about the words as how you use them. how do they sound coming out of your mouth. do they fall out and make you catch your breath as the leave or do they clink and clunk and jar your brain? make the words work for you. make the language different. by using the same words.
but of course there are words i love like plump and ridiculous and verissimilitude and pugnacious.

Anonymous said...

Love this picture. Love your favorite words. Love the word sleep.

kristin said...

HA! yes how did i not list that word! every mom loves SLEEP! xo

Jackie said...

lyrical, bon vivant, panache, my list could fill pages. Then there is the whole idea of word phrases and that could fill several notebooks I'm sure!
By the way your picture is lyrical and has panache!

kristin said...

i love lyrical! see that is why i love what this prompted so many say a word and i think "OOOOH! YES I LOVE THAT ONE!"

Toni & Hannah said...

I say lozenger too! Loved all your words. I long to be a good writer also. A really good one, sigh*

some of my faves:

pilly-wally (maybe not a real word, but we use it when someone is not feeling well :)

littlehouse said...

I've just come accorss your blog via Shutter Sister (where, incidently, I'm been stalking your work for a while ;)

I just had to comment on your 'funny' words list...

The area where I live (in South UK)is called the Piddle Valley. Named after the river Piddle at its centre. Villages include Piddlehinton and Piddletrenthide, and Puddletown, renamed as Queen Victoria was passing through and felt 'Piddletown' to un-royal.

Rachel said...

My toungue LOVES to say the name "Quentin Tarantino".

I also like
teeter todder

ok, I think I could go on forever.

Anonymous said...

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