Monday, March 16, 2009

a delicate crush

happy blue monday
ok, i am going through a HUGE crush right now.  
1 name
damien rice
i cannot stop hitting replay on his videos.  
all of them.
i think they are each so special.  so full. so emotive.  i used to  get this way a lot in my teens.  stuck on certain music.  play and play and play my tapes til i wore them out.  these recent years i got away from music.  unplugged.  life with toddlers will put many things on the back burners.  i am well acquainted with dan zanes and the like.   i love dan, don't get me wrong, but music that stirs my very core, well i have not felt that in some time.  til now.  and well now i am stuck. and it feels so good. 
so this week i will post a few of his videos that are rocking my world.  only 1 song each post.  to me they deserve to get your full attention.  so my playlist this week will be a little spread out.  i hope you love them.  something tells me you may already.  none of these are new, so like most things,  i am probably way late to the party.   i don't mind really, i am just glad i made it there. 

today , delicate
   "So why do you fill my sorrow
    With the words you've borrowed
    From the only place you've known
    And why do you sing Hallelujah
    If it means nothing to you
    Why do you sing with me at all?"


Grey Street Girl said...

Oh, I am so in love with Damien Rice. I can't wait to see the videos. I got his stuff off iTunes, but never saw the videos. So, it'll be new to me!

I love this collage of photos. The mood is so beautiful!

mistybliss said...

oooh - I love Damian Rice too!!!
Am just loving this storyboard, such beautiful tones in each image xx

kristin said...

most of his videos are live, not studio videos. which makes me love him all the more. he sounds that good live?!?! oh my CRUSH!!!!!

renee @ FIMBY said...

If you're way late, then I'm way, way late to the party. But thanks for inviting me anyway.

Char said...

you can never go wrong with Damien Rice. You just can't. I'm so in love with a lot of folk singers right now. Have you heard of Patty Griffin?

Check out "Let Him Fly" or "When It Don't Come Easy"

Anonymous said...

oh damien rice, he's a good one! i've also been crushing lately. alexi murdoch and joshua radin. aiy be still my heart these soulful boys.

Julie Alvarez said...

I've loved him since the day of the premiere of the movie CLOSER, here in Buenos Aires. Have you seen the movie? Have you seen THAT OPENING SCENE??? By the time it was finishing I was crying so hard that I couldn't believe it. Never, an opening scene and song made me cry before.
He is special.

kristin said...

yes julie that is put so right, he IS special. and thanks fro the new ones mere. i have heard alexi before off to listen...

Molly said...

a couple of years ago i had a crush on jack johnson. i played his cd so much that my daughter now cannot stand to hear any of his songs. but i'm off to watch some damien rice. i'm always game for a new crush.

A said...

LOVE Damien Rice. Just had to change my music on itunes to him! My favorites are: Cannonball, Coconut Skins, and 9 crimes... all of which make my top 25 most played list! I havne't much listened to Delicate, but I'll have to run it a few times through!

Cynthia said...

I love that you are posting this now. The other day I needed some music to make me feel better and I asked my husband to put on O. Delicate started but I didn't hear the beginning notes and made him start again. The entire album is incredible but I couldn't imagine a better song to start off the album, than Delicate. Damien Rice is someone I definitely need to see live.

spilling beauty said...

i love him
i love him
i love him too!

Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

oh my...i so totally agree!

my youngest is 4 and i finally feel plugged in again! and the first i came to love and still love is ray onto! these soulful singers are incredible!

Anonymous said...

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