Monday, March 09, 2009

on the bright side


monday monday.  
let me tell you these past 2 days spring has been whispering in my ear.  perhaps she read my description on a picture saying i was kicking lazy old winter, and his buddies ice and snow, off my couch and out of my house!  be gone freeloaders you are no longer welcome! maybe she heard my couch is a comfy one and it is all hers for as long as she like.  all i ask is that she bring with her her friends sunshine, green grass, and wildflowers, oh yes please!  i hope she decides to stay.  we all do.  mind you we still have plenty of snow all around, but we wore sweatshirts!  not coats and hats and gloves and scarves, just sweatshirts!  bikes were rediscovered, kick balls kicked in the driveway, a sandcastle made without freezing tiny hands.  i fear it is too soon to be so smitten.  winter will just bully her push her aside and break our hearts again.  but i hope with all i can that maybe, just maybe, winter keeps melting away. 

some linky love to cure your monday blues.
click on over to the bright side project. where the motto reads, "SUNSHINE DELIVERED DAILY".  oh yes please!  some of the prettiest giveaways, and like the motto says, daily!  woot!

happy new week all!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you got some warm too:) we scootered all over till almost dark collecting good things for dinner in my back pack in T-shirts. It finally got chilly at dusk. OK off to iron for my first day! xoxox

kristin said...

good luck jen! and ahhh i spoke too soon. i wrote this post last night, this morning i woke to a snow storm. can you hear me swearing?

Carmen said...

What a beautiful shot!

Matt Allen Photography said...

Great shot! And I am with you - that spring tease this weekend was incredible. But... I woke up this morning to freezing cold snowy blowing rain and snow and sleet. Why!!!!! We're forecasted to get 4-8 inches of the stuff. I'm done.

Char said...

I always love the promises of spring

Anonymous said...

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