Friday, March 20, 2009

one more time

happy friday!
one last song for my week of damien.
there are 2 versions i found on you tube.  i want to link both because i tend to lean toward the live version because he is just so good live, but the video is surreal and strange and why not watch that too?   it kind of creeped me out at first but then i watched it again, and again.   so here ya go.  thanks for coming along for my little crush.  
if anyone ever has an artist they just love please send me a link or a note.  i will gladly take requests for my playlists.  

9 crimes ~ live, abbey road sessions

9 crimes ~ original video

the shame of these songs is that the collaboration of lisa hannigan (his beautiful back-up singer)and damien has ended.  she has been quoted saying that that time is over and she will never sing them again.  good thing we have these beautiful recordings then. 

have a great weekend.
do something fun!  


k8 said...

okay, here are my music crushes lately:

alexi murdoch

bon iver


Char said...

oh, that is sad....

Tripping the Light said...

I'm going to see Lisa Hannigan play a gig next month in London - I hope she does sing a few of these tracks - keeping my fingers crossed.

Suvarna said...

Stunning photo! beautiful abstract.

Anonymous said...

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