Tuesday, April 28, 2009

summer fling in spring!

oh today.
today was warmmmmm.
really honestly truly warm.
the gage in my car reached a peak of 94 away from the ocean.  
we shattered records today for maine.
last summer it barely reached the 90's ever!  everyone talking of global warming and all i wanted was a little sent my way.   
so i loved today.
i had the windows all open wide.  the curtains danced in the warm breeze. 
i wish it could stay 1 more day.  it won't.  tomorrow i will be closing windows, wearing long sleeves and jeans.  but today i felt summer skin and it was good.  if only i had a pool to swim in. then it would have been freaking awesome!   :)


Char said...

I love when weather gives us a glorious gift that a beautiful day that is out of the norm.

Jan's camera said...

Yes, us New Englanders got a little treat this month. Here we were waiting for spring and we got both this weekend.

Alicia said...

i just took a most amazing walk through my neighborhood... today was also beautiful for us here in nyc... 4th day in a row. but tomorrow, we'll be getting rain... it was a wonderful treat just the same! happy to hear you had wonderful summer-like weather your way!

MamaLizKnits said...

We recently moved to Maine and were quite surprised by yesterday's heat blast. Nonetheless, we're from the midwest where it gets HOT each summer so we're used to this. We made the most of it by going down to the beach and pretending it was full-on summer.

Spring is back today though. Spring doesn't last long in the midwest so it's nice to have these moderate temps, with a few HOT days thrown in.

gonzomama said...

so happy you got a taste of the warmth (especially so you could snap that beautiful picture). i am a little envious that you can have the windows wide open at 94 degrees. here in GA, if i had the windows open when it was that hot i'd be practically nekkid, drenched in sweat, with my feet in an ice bucket, and panting like a hound. it's been in the 80's here and it is hawt! i'll see what i can do come july and august about sending some that crazy heat your way.

the nights are nice though, been sleeping with the windows open and its perfect!

Anonymous said...

94 in April?! That is crazy!! We've been in the 70s here and for Wa. that is awesome, lol.

So happy you had some sun kisses! And that PIC?

Freakin awesome!

Anonymous said...

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