Thursday, May 14, 2009

little green fingers

took the plunge today.
took a trip to our local greenhouse with my 2 assistants.
they chose the flowers for the window boxes,
and i loaded up on edibles; tomatoes, chives, basil, rosemary, and strawberries.  yum.
off we went back home to get down and dirty.
they really pitched in leaving me very little to do but watch and enjoy their team work. 
now with a little love and care we hope they grow grow grow!
oh, and if mother nature would be kind and warm up in the evenings just a smidge, so not to frost my new green babies,  that would be much appreciated. 
i love cooking in summer with the fresh herbs! 
i make one mean bruschetta too.  :)

happy love thursday! xo


Char said...

yummy!! love fresh herbs - the shots are adorable

Alicia said...

i wish i could have spent my day at the greenhouse... i really need to start planting something soon on my weekends!! beautiful pictures, especially the adorable one of both of them holding a plant side by side!!!

Lily Boot said...

I love watching the energy that spring brings to colder climes. So green and growing and joyful. Hope your plants bring you much goodness.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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