Thursday, June 04, 2009

sweet signs

* summertime *

stopped at the ice cream stop for a soft serve.
growing up i remember having 3 choices.  
vanilla - chocolate - or twist.  i always went for the twist.
not anymore!   :)
the sign changes from soft banana, to strawberry, to coffee, to raspberry, and even pumpkin.
the night my mom and i stopped they had soft strawberry.
i never had, so i  thought it was time i ventured away from the twist.  then i had a brilliant idea, don't they have that chocolate dip that hardens to a chocolate crust?!?!  soft serve strawberry ice cream + chocolate dip = 1 chocolate covered strawberry on a cone.  oh yeah!  
mmmmm it was well worth straying from my usual twist.   it was so good i took the kids back today for a soft "pink" for them.  casey loves all things pink, she was quite pleased.  
what summer treats are calling your name?
on the way home i stopped at our local lobster stand and got 2 lobsters for dinner (they cook them right there for you), whipped up two baked potatoes and some corn to go with them.  mmmm yes i am in the summertime mood.  the stand also had beautiful cherries and strawberries so  they came home with me too.  taylor has never liked any seafood,  but kellen is an adventurous eater.  he loved it!  next time i will need 3 lobsters.   :)

andie and i are feeling the summer vibe as well.
oh how i love summer.
i am so ready.


mrs boo radley said...

Cherries, snap peas, blueberries, edible flowers, fresh herbs to make pesto...

Can't resist soft serve, either!

Shalet said...

OMG - the local lobster stand ... how spectacular would that be?!! I WANT to visit you and have lobster!

For now I'm living with snap peas, cherries and strawberries. Mmm, mmmm. Now I'm having a shaved fennel salad (ala Molly Wizenburg) though I'm not sure it's fully appropriate with the season.

My kids have one week left of school. I can't wait!

keli.h said...


You have a lobster stand.

Where they cook lobster.

Maine lobster.

When can I come and visit!?!?!!? I'll bring E along for a playdate with Casey. ;)

Beautiful shots, Kristin. I also have the biggest love affair with summer.

kristin said...

mmmm pesto one of my faves!!!!!

yes we are blessed with a cute farm stand that long the side has a huge tank to cook clams or lobsters. and right now they are very reasonable. i know from NOT living here all my life that we certainly get them cheap. clams WAYYYY cheap.

but it is still a special treat to us.
love me some lobster dipped in melted butter. oh yes i do.

Rachael said...

mmm...the sights, the smells, the sounds, the tastes of summer. i love the season.

those cherries look wonderful + that ice cream divine. i love those big eyes peering over the cone, so sweet!

Suvarna said...

oooh Ice cream and lobsters in the same day! sounds like my kind of diet! Our farmers market will start soon and already the berries are making their way into the stalls. Blueberries and strawberries are my favourite.

Tutta la Storia said...

Only two? WHAT? For you? I need to eat at least three. OH YEAH BABY. Great idea on the strawberry soft serve and choc dip! My fave summer treat? My Mom's recipe for homemade oreo ice cream. YUM!

curious girl (lisa) said...

strawberry soft-serve with chocolate shell...must find this.

gardenmama said...

Beautiful pictures!
Ha, I just posted what I am thankful for in this moment of Summer! : ) So happy it is here!
Pumpkin ice cream sounds pretty yummy!

Anonymous said...

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