Sunday, July 05, 2009

glorious reprieve

i cannot fully express how hard june has been.
words fail me.
loss and stress and sadness and rain. 
heavy heavy heavy cold relentless rains.
23 of 26 days of them.  (no joke, i heard that on the news and 3 times the average rainfall in june...3 times!)
it was getting heavy.
cabin fever was taken to new heights.
i was feeling moldy.
in a place where summer is so needed we have lost 1 full month.  june, gone.

but today.
1 day.
1 beautiful totally clear bright blue sunny warm day.
{our morning sky...  OMG!}

sunkissed skin
time on the beach
salty sandy sunny goodness.
home for baths and good naps of tired happy kids.
teenager off to work. this is a big deal since she has lost an entire month of income.  working at an outdoor amusement park doesn't fare well when all it does is rain.
then a drive into the city while the 2 in the back seat hold and kiss hands.
the sun pours in the jeep and makes halos in their hair
first stop, chowder served in bread bowls with iced tea.
then a walk to get ice cream where we find a street musician singing and playing the banjo so beautifully.  kids just start dancing. 
and a sunset drive home.  a sunset,  meaning a full day of sunshine! 
ok i dearly hope-plead-pray-wish we do not have to go another 23 days without it. 
that would just be cruel.  i think we have earned at least 1 week of good summer weather.
please summer stay!  please.  it feels so good.


sheena said...

so so cute! so fun to see your blog....thanks for stopping by mine!

simply blogged said... finally have your sun.

Erin said...

wow, you had a june like me...and I live in alaska!! But our July is looking up too...Happy Fourth!!!!!

Mary said...

Oh, I know just how you feel! Here in NJ, we've had over 10 inches of rain in the past thirty days. Normal is somewhere around three inches. I actually did a mosaic about our sunny weekend, too. It's part of a meme I host called Mosaic Monday.

Your photos are so beautiful! Hope you get lots of sun this week. :)

gkgirl said...

i get this...
we are just getting our sun
and welcoming it with open arms!