Friday, July 10, 2009


thank god it's friday and it's not raining! 
really!  can you believe it?!?
spent the morning at the beach with casey the rock hound, kellen the beach flirt, and my mom.
casey was face down in the smooth rocks before we even got the blanket down. heck before we even picked a spot of our blanket!  kellen climbed rocks, then spied some pretty girls up on the rocks (older girls!  :) ) he took his towel and positioned himself up near them just ever so cutely.  he wanted their attention so badly.  it was really sweet.  we found a bunch of heart rocks to add to our treasures.  there was barely a cloud in the sky.  kellen and casey even wound up on their bellies at the edge of the surf laughing as each wave would come up and hit them from behind.   after 15 minutes of that kellen was almost blue and shivering so much it took him another 15 minutes to recover.  even wrapped up in warm towels and up against my body for extra warmth he was trembling.  man that boy was COLD! 
had to leave to give big sissy a ride to work, otherwise we certainly could have made a full day of it.  truly a welcome break in the bad weather.  we were sandy salty sweaty sticky sunkissed and happy.  have a great weekend everyone!  


Visty said...

Sounds like heaven! I really love that sandcastle shot.

Diane said...


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful way to welcome back the sun! It's been rain, rain, rain here all month too, and this weekend was such a joy!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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daniela said...

each square of this mosaic fills me up!