Monday, August 03, 2009

we are corn-y!

yeah it's monday.
i almost did not get a bench shot in.
then driving home i spied these crates.
tripod out.
kids up.
happy bench monday peeps!
one with me,  but really it is WAY cuter without...  actually it's fresh!   :) 
check out the pool!


mrs boo radley said...

Crates! Nice improvisation.

Char said...


simply blogged said...

cute and corn-y go so well together.

Anonymous said...

Corn-y...I think not. Spectacular colors in this one.
You really have perfected bench monday shots!!

Elizabeth said...

Kristin, this is such a sweet, sweet shot! I love the semi-off-screen Star Wars T-shirt and the little fellow wearing it. Great framing.

Random Things and Our Family Life said...

This is one of THE cutest BM shots ever! I do not participate in it...yet...but love looking at the pool. This is so bright and fun!!!

daniela said...

everything about this - colors, expressions, candidness, composition - makes me so happy kristin. love!

susana said...

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