Monday, September 28, 2009

ah! benchless!

first monday i can remember with no bench shot!
how the heck did that happen?
i had it all planned out in my head too, but never got it to happen today. 
then when i could have,  it was dark , or close enough. 
so no bench monday for me...  i feel a little lost without one.  funny how that works out...  they have become such a part of our ritual on mondays.  guess i'll have to create my vision next monday.  and i wanted to bake apple crisp today and didn't do that either!  geesh i am feeling a bit of a failure now.... what the heck did i do today???  LOL.
maybe i'll go scoop myself a dish of ice cream.  
happy monday everyone!


Heather said...

I could never get into the bench monday thing, but instead try to take bench jumping off of pics on Tuesdays. ;-) Your blog looks nekked w/o a Bench Monday pic though!

vivienne said...

i'm impressed you do it almost every monday! i only seem able to pull it off every six weeks or so!

Anonymous said...

i was looking for you today.
you're always an inspiration for me for those weeks i fall off the bench wagon :)

LOVE your header!! that leaf against the wood, is that old skool last year? i wish i could paint my house the colors of your header :)

ps-eat ice cream. i just did.

gonzomama said...

you are probably still languishing in the post-honeymoon revisited moments : )

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Ice cream makes everything better, I've only done one bench Monday. I can't get my stuff together enough on Monday. Next week is a new week!