Monday, September 14, 2009

monday shenanigans

{week 25}
yes she wore this tutu all day.  to play.  to shop.  to bench.
got a free balloon at a local store... pink of course.
all this equaled our girlie pink explosion "bench" (aka- old suitcase i picked up free on the side of the road.) monday.

ps~ kellen's morning went quite smooth today.   encouraging, considering that last night when he realized school was the next morning,  he really had a breakdown.  we were all so sad for him.  so this morning going well was a triumph for sure!   


Char said...

so cute!

Amy said...

i love "the pink explosion"...reminds me exactly of my 2 year-old right now. it's all about pink. great picture!

teaworthy said...

Good deal! I never knew how a smooth morning drop off would be worth more so much more to me than anything else in life. Better than passing the bar exam. Better than sailing. Just better. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

Papillon Sky Photography said...

I'm catching up on your blog and just bawling my eyes out reading about Kellen's first days at school. I can totally relate. It's SO hard. We just sent my son Kai to first grade this year--his first time in public school. We had homeschooled him until this point so he was not prepared. And he still begs every day to stay home with me and his sister. Hang in there, mama! We're in this together! Kellen's such a lucky boy to have you as his mom!!

Hay said...

Lol, Sienna sleeps in hers sometimes. Gorgeous.