Thursday, September 17, 2009

my little girl

she likes to take pictures.
weird.  wonder where she gets that from?  ;)

i never fully appreciated photography til little over a year ago when i fell head over heels for it. now it is surely my passion.   perhaps this small seed of play will blossom into something magical for her.  or perhaps not,  but it sure makes me smile when she says things like , "mommy say CHEESE!" or ,"no put your head like this!" (tilting her head to one side to show me what she wants) or "look mommy a butterfly!  take its picture!"   plus she sure looks cute slinging my vintage brownie starlet around her neck all day.   she does pretty great with my nikon too.  she even gets flare!   i didn't get flare til i was 36! a while back my friend amy and her daughter, madeline,  started a photo collaboration project. 
i LOVED the name they chose,  "when you give a girl a camera"
when you give a girl a camera, who knows what may develop....  :)


montague said...

and she has a lovely camera too!

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

so sweet.
I am off to look at that link

Char said...

so sweet - I picked up a camera in third grade and loved it, but it was film and I was a kid and the parents didn't really have money to indulge me. later, I picked up off and on (still film) but two years ago I wanted some wall art and everything I loved so just so expensive. So, I picked back up my film rebel. After two developments, I bought my digital and haven't looked back.

your work is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I recently found your blog... it's such fun! Do you put a certain filter on your images? They all have this certain look (don't know the name for it). It's wonderful!

gonzomama said...

funny. when i saw that first picture today i thought it would make a great banner for her future photography website!

henry has an old point and shoot that my brother in law brought back from iraq. it doesn't work great for me (it's really slow), but it is perfect for him.

Amy said...

I <3 you :)
& this! today I needed to see your sunny sunshiney work, thank you honey! x