Tuesday, October 13, 2009

finding comfort in...

...last night's dinner of meat loaf & mashed potatoes all swimming in gravy.  
then warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven for dessert. (i cheated they were pillsbury slice and bake)  but hey, they were warm  soft and gooey, and made everyone smile.
this morning, my cup of coffee, but also a warm glass of cider and honey wheat toast for breakfast.
listening to this cd  on repeat.
all the while preparing tonight's meal of pork roast simmered in sauerkraut (in my crock pot.  i love my crock pot come fall.  makes my whole house smell delicious.) served with more mashed and corn.
and maybe, just maybe, apple pie to finish off those orchard apples.
all while wearing socks and a sweater and really wanting to climb back under my covers...
it is rainy chilly typical new england fall day.  the kind of day you feel in your bones.  the kind that make me wish for a wood stove to light and read by.
it is beginning; the turning in, the early dark nights, the wet days. 
what are you finding comfort in today?


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

Finding comfort in the gray clouds outside andt he light rain. The smell of wet pavement and sagebrush.
Snuggling with my boy when he first wakes up, one of our last times of the day where nursing and quite mama/baby time isn't interupted by his 13month old curiousity and play time.

Cassandra said...

finding comfort in the fact that my daughters are coming to the end of this cold that's held us in it's grasp and now we can go outside and participate in fall! (pumpkin picking, here we come!)

p.s. meatloaf and mashed potatoes sound delicious!

Char said...

i found comfort in an old friend

mrs boo radley said...

A sweet husband, who arrived home from work just shortly after I arrived. Pumpkin curry. A warm room, a shelter from high winds and sideways rain.

simply blogged said...

I had a night out with friends and it was nice. We do not do that often enough.

danasparkle said...

it's spring down here in oz. but a day similar to yours. too cold, gusty and relentless. the flowers are in bloom, my rose buds about to burst, but we are waiting for the sun. some comfort in waiting, knowing it will be here any day now. back under the covers. nitey nite.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

You have just described the most perfect day for me!! I'm not kidding!! I'm coming over for a play date!! : )

~ Wendy

Amy said...

finding comfort in being LaZy..laying around in pajamas all day long, playing with the kids on the rug and watching Saturday morning cartoons from the 70's while recovering from my daughter's "Pink Party" last night(she turned 3 yesterday)!

Suvarna said...

oh yum that sounds good, I am finding comfort in the warmth of the four walls that surround me, and in the words of my blogger friends. It is rainy and grey for the first time since, I can't remember when. hard to say goodbye to summer but comforted by the colours of fall.

Anonymous said...

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