Friday, October 23, 2009


thank you for yesterday.  
can you see my smile?
i wish you could,  it is a good one.
then i had a lovely night with my hubby.
and even though my little ones are sick they are home and happy and we even took a little trip in the car to ogunquit today to meet a new friend, dawn, together. (i got to meet her myself on tuesday) and they each had a big cinnamon roll and played bottle cap hockey with our new friend.  and we walked and saw all these great halloween decorations together (one was a talking pirate he was a huge hit!).  then dawn and her family had to be on their way back to warm north carolina, so kids and i parked down at the beach and walked the cove since the tide was way out.  they were both so happy (as long as tissues were provided) and they collected shells and broken bits of sand dollars and kellen threw sand back into the ocean and they were all rosy cheeked (it was brisk at the ocean!) and the sun was shining,  it was just so good.  and i heard this song on the radio on our way home with both my babies sound asleep in the backseat from all that great sun and fresh salt air, and it made me smile and sing.  so i thought i'd do a mini playlist for this happy day.  i have totally dropped my ball on my 52 weeks of playlists,  oh well.  some things you just have to let go of,  that is one of those things.  but for today here is the song that brought a smile to my face.  maybe it will yours...  i hope you feel happiness today.  happy feels good. have a great weekend.   xo!
  • dreamgirl  -  dave matthews band (the song that played in the car today)
  • dreams  -  brandi carlile  (love her)
  • precious love  -  james morrison  (oh his voice and old school sound)


backyard*INK said...

this makes me happy :) sounds like you had a much needed wonderful day.

tina (from flickr)

Char said...

so glad you had a great time

plus, great playlist

Freedom Runner//Liz said...

I envy your wonderfully perfect day. I also envy that you're within a stone's throw of Ogunquit (we used to drive overnight from Chicago to spend a week there when I was a kid...I miss it!).
Bask in the glow of all this wonderfulness--you deserve it, fabulous person! :o) Happy Friday, and happy weekend to you!

Molly said...

i'm so happy for you! been thinking about you lots. seems that you've got a lot of good news these days :)